Most Popular Workplace Coffee Solution! 

Just pay per cup usage – your staff don’t need to lift a finger – we do all the work! - Melbourne 1300-836-326
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No filling –  No cleaning –  No need to buy consumables –  No repair charges –  ONLY High Quality Bean to Cup Coffee and hot beverages to enjoy!!

We supply machine for FREE and totally maintain it!

Our existing clients absolutely love this concept!!


KEY FEATURES:                                                          

  • Free machine installation and ongoing maintenance.
  • We supply consumables and refill machine.
  • No need for staff rosters to clean and maintain machine.
  • Less hygiene issues compared to fresh milk machines.
  • More cost effective option than fresh milk machines.
  • More hot beverage options than traditional coffee machines.
  • A detailed beverage report is issued on a monthly basis.
  • Quality 100% Arabica  beans or equivalent freshly-grounded in all machines.
  • You just pay for per cup usage! Workplaces love this method.
  • Ideal for companies offering free coffee to customers and staff – all workplaces , gaming/bingo, hotels/motels, B&B, car yards, showrooms, etc.
  • All these products are available on all Necta vending coffee machine – Cappuccino, Cafe Latte, Mocahaccino, Espresso, Double Espresso, Macchiato, Long Black, Chicken Soup, Tea, Tomato Soup, Chai Latte, French Vanilla, Hot Chocolate, Choco Milk, Milk and much more.
  • Replacement machine if not repairable same day keeping everyone satisfied!!
  • We supply you a high quality bean to cup NECTA coffee vending machine and maintain for free and depending on your requirements more than one machine will be installed

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